tv and the little girl

the little girl was watching a show on net flicks and it sounded like there was a lot of hitting and violence on the show. I asked her to watch something different because I didn’t know what the program was and that there was a lot of stuff on tv that isn’t good for kids to watch.

I asked her to tell me what the show was about and she said something about a worm going under stuff so I tried to look it up on google and couldn’t find anything based on her description.

Once again, I asked her to change it to a different show, one that I knew until I could try to look it up.

She refused so I threatened to turn the tv off so she started having a meltdown so I sent her to her room to calm down.

I asked the wife to help out but when I called her name, I got no answer. She was apparently on the phone and still is.

After a few minutes I went up to her room and tried to talk to her about why some tv programs aren’t good for her to watch but I’m not the best at explaining this stuff and I’m totally alone in the parenting role around here, except when the wife gives them a bath and takes them out to buy toys once in a while so I feel that I am trying my best to keep everything together and I just feel that, right now, every single day is a fight and a battle that I can’t win.

The teenager came in with one of his friends after a few minutes so I asked him what shot it was and he said it was a show called Larva.

At least that give me something to work with.


5 thoughts on “tv and the little girl

  1. myambivalentexistence says:

    I don’t let my children watch that one either. I just don’t find it appropriate


  2. I’ve never heard of it but it sounds way inappropriate for littles. You do the best you can and that’s more than some. You’re a good dad to the littles. Hugs my friend


  3. SD Gates says:

    Larva?! What the heck? I discovered my husband let my kids watch Blade (you know Wesley Snipes, vampires) when they were about 4 and 6 years of age. I was horrified. Doesn’t seem to have done them any long term damage, but I still remind him of his poor choices in viewing selections even now, 13 years later.


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