the visit is almost over

My mother-in-law goes back home today, leaving in around an hour and the wife is just now waking up the teenager so he can spend a little time with her before she goes home.

The other day he was on his stupid phone watching his god damned fucking YouTube videos and the wife had to ask him to spend some time talking to his grandmother. He goes into the kitchen and tells her "Mom says that I have to talk to you". I wanted to take his phone and break it in half, ground him from his friends and from his larping activities which by the way, he’s taking off work today to go do.

I tried to say "you took off work to go larping?" and he said "It’s just one day" and I said "It’s always just one day" and the wife said "Scott, just let it go".

I suppose I could just go on doing everything, expecting nothing or no gratitude or recognition in return for my efforts, continue to get verbally shot to pieces whenever I try to suggest a strategy for disciplining the teenager but today I asked myself the question "Is this really the life I want to live and is this really living or just existing?


5 thoughts on “the visit is almost over

  1. SD Gates says:

    What kind of videos does he watch? Larping videos? Are there such things? Strategy videos on larping? I suppose our lives can be filled with such drudgery at times, sometimes it is hard to see anything good about it. Perhaps you should strike up a deal with the teenager and say if you do this and this as part of your contribution to this household, I will not say anything about your larping weirdness, your You Tube fanaticism – you can say we will be like two ships in the night. Let your wife be the bad guy for a while.


    • actually a lot of the stuff he watches on youtube are top 10 videos or videos or people walking through videogame playthroughs that sort of thing. I think the larping is cool but not when it take priority over work. That would be like me not taking care of the kids because I wanted to play the piano. Sure, sometimes they actually want to try to play the keyboard and I’ll let one of them sit on my lap and press the keys but that’s totally different.

      The wife just left with her mom to take her to the airport.

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      • SD Gates says:

        I was just wondering about his video watching. Because my kids are into weight-lifting and nutrition so I am always hearing snippets of some weight-lifter from Australia with a major potty mouth going on about the benefits of protein drinks and eating a gazillion egg whites with kale for breakfast every morning. You can tell a lot about what a kid is up to by the videos he is watching. That is why I was asking. What games is he playing right now. Elder Scrolls?


      • you know he actually doesn’t play a lot of games that I can tell but him and a friend used to play football video games and his friend would just cuss like crazy at stuff and it’s something that we just couldn’t help but laugh at, the way he’d just go on and on. That dude is in bootcamp now.

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    • instead of me telling him to take out the trash and recycle anymore, I tell her to let him know that it needs to be done. There was an exception yesterday but that’s to be expected. On weekends, I don’t’ wake him up, I say to her, is he awake yet?

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