the mother that really isn’t

she dropped the kids off at school at 7 this morning and though her mom is visiting who only comes down once a year, she goes to help a friend move furniture for 4 hours. Regardless of what the excuses or reasoning was, her mom was upset about the whole thing. Her and I had a chance to talk for a while so that was nice. Then the two of them went to Nebraska furniture mart and then lows. The teenager brings the kids back home at 6:30 tonight, I feed them dinner and text the wife to find out where she’s at.

She texts back "lows, go ahead and feed them. I should be home in time to bathe them". I’m thinking "should" means "Not" and I should just take care of it myself.

Am I too sensitive about things or does it seem that she’s more interested in helping her friends and redecorating other people’s homes than her own kids, even if that someone else is her mother, whose house she doesn’t get up to that much in the first place?


6 thoughts on “the mother that really isn’t

  1. No, not sensitive at all. If anything SHE’S the insensitive one. The kids, you and her mother are not priorities and that really pisses me off. Seriously. She wanted to have more children, even found a “donor” but can’t be bothered to do the little “mundane parental things” like feed the littles, play with them or even bathe them. WTF. I’m so mad I’m clenching my teeth. And to think there are people in this world that struggle-I know 2 couples now that are struggling for children, and she can’t even be bothered because she’s doing other shit. I wanna hit something for you. No, you are NOT too sensitive in the least. You’re a damn good dad that asks nothing more than for her to be a fucking mom. Cheesus.

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  2. SD Gates says:

    I don’t think you are sensitive. I would be completely annoyed, especially since you have spent all day with them. She should be able to help her friends but I feel like her kids are top priority. She really should have come, eaten dinner with the kids, bathed them, put them in their little beds with a story and THEN – gone to help her friend decorate. Priorities – your wife’s priorities seem a bit out of whack.


    • I would say so as well.

      I’m the one who always puts them in bed and I’m the one who reads them stories. When the wife does read them a book, which is rare, you can hear in her voice that she doesn’t really want to do it. I usually try to make it fun for them and on the days when I’m not really in the mood to read, I’ll pause for around 30 seconds, breathe deeply to focus my mind and then go about the task at hand.

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