not sure what to think about this

the teenager is hanging out with people in their 20’s and form what the wife says, the oldest is 24. I’m not sure how to feel about this or even how to approach the situation or what concerns besides him being an influential teen around older guys that we don’t know much about. They are members of his larping team that he goes to every Saturday and the wife says "they go to the renaissance festival" so they can’t be that bad, even though it could be potentially bad".

From you that have teenagers, what would you suggest as things to think about or questions to ask? We just don’t have experience with this sort of thing.

Thanks for your input.


2 thoughts on “not sure what to think about this

  1. SD Gates says:

    Larping team? Hmm, that’s interesting. Sounds like a pretty safe thing to do. The fact that he is associated with them through some type of activity that sounds pretty harmless (only thing I know about larping is what I saw on Rob Dyrdek’s show). I would just ask him general questions about larping, what strategies they use, and see if anything pops up during his answers. I would be concerned with him hanging out with random, older people he met say in a park, but this sounds pretty organized. Does he watch videos about larping? Actually looks pretty fun, reminds me of the days when all the extra-intelligent, slightly introverted boys used to sit around playing Dungeons and Dragons.


  2. it depends on the reason. some people go to dances; some people go to dances for the drug scene. some people go to ball games; some people go to ball games to eat brownies and get stoned. some people go to renaissance gathering for the scene; others goes to renaissance gathers for the drugs.

    the challenge for you, the parent, is to try to figure out if he is going to what he goes to for the event or other nefarious reasons. from what you say about him, i’d personally be concerned.

    from what i hear about teenager, he seems to be maladjusted. it doesn’t take too much misadjustment to cause someone to want to run from their problems. no doubt their are instances, where people run to good things, but often they truck to bad.

    i do not envy the your situation of trying to find out the reason for the reason without stepping on your son’s toes. sometimes love is sticking your nose in some bodies else’s business and other times love is sitting back and see what happens. unfortunately, kids aren’t born with a users manual, so there is no way to know what is best.


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