day1 of blogging101, my intro


I know that this assignment came in a couple of days ago but having family in town has made me behind on a lot of things, even my music.

a lot of you who already read my blog know that I’m here as a method of connecting with people and the reality is that being a stay-at-home parent can be a lonely job so trying to reach out is important, especially since I’m not good at doing it on a verbal level.

Put me in a crowded room and I’ll be the one waiting and hoping that someone approaches me. I’ve just never been one to go up to people and start conversations in person, I never really have been.

I wonder if it goes back to a memory I had as a child when me and my family were getting our haircuts and I was trying to talk to some other kids and my dad said something like "Stop making a pest of yourself".

I honestly can’t imagine why any parent would say that to their child but I know that I wouldn’t do that at all.

I hope I do well with the blogging101 course and it’ll probably be a few days before I catch up on everything.

As to what do I want to accomplish, those questions are often difficult for me, goal oriented questions always have been. I may have mentioned in another post that I often feel like a person whose life never really came into focus and I always felt envious of people who were able to have a sharp focus on their goals and objectives.



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