the irresponsible wife

today she doesn’t have to work and is she going to spend any time with the kids? No, No, a million times no. She’s at the doctors and then going to get a ladder so she can paint part of the inside of the house today. I totally get not taking any of the kids to either of those two places. She’s going to go to cosco later but will she take one of the little ones and let him or her ride around in the cart while she does the shopping? No way, she’ll take the teenager.

I can talk until I’m blue in the face about how I resent being home with the kids all the time while she goes out to run errands, even point out how beneficial it is to get them out and familiar with the environment but it would all be counteracted by things like "it’s such a pain to take them anywhere" or "the little girl will have to go to the bathroom 50 million times" etc.

Again, I ask the question internally, why the hell did she have these kids if she chooses not to spend hardly any time with them at all?

Oh and on top of all that, she’s going to go look at a house with a friend that is potentially 45 minutes away.

This is the same friend who was the sperm donor for the two little ones, and that is another backstory. I am quickly losing track of how many there are to tell now.


18 thoughts on “the irresponsible wife

  1. IT baffles me to no end. How you keep it together is impressive. 🙂


    • the little girl asked if she could go to cosco with her mom and her mom said “No because all you do is complain and have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. I’ll be back later”. It almost made the little girl cry.

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      • That’s a bitch thing to say. You have kids. WTF. That shit pisses me off, knowing I have a good friend struggling to have children…I’m so beyond irked at her right now And the only ones suffering are the littles. Bullshit man


      • yeah and as far as keeping it together, I have long felt that I am running out of happy faces.

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      • I don’t think any amount of happy faces matter to one that’s self absorbed..sorry,’s just how she comes across. I think you’ve done more than everything for the littles than they can ever be thankful for


      • selfish is in the eye of the beholder and from her perspective, I’m the one that is sometimes selfish. Remember the blog entry form the other day about asking to be picked up at a friend’s house on the way to an appointment?

        No wonder most of my music is dark and pensive. By the way, Meditations of a sinister Heart was just released today and I think you probably have that track by now. I’m eventually going to rerelease the midnight radio tracks on their own compilation, except for those that are already on other albums like the album “Beauty in Grief” which is all string compositions.

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      • Yes I remember that post…sheesh. Yes it is no wonder your music is very pensive. Yes I have it. Oh that sounds so very interesting. Guess we could share stories of spouses over coffee-though not hazelnut for me lol 🙂


      • I don’t like hazelnut anyway so it’s all good. lol.

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      • LOL I’m not a flavored coffee person. Ick. I like a light roast with sugar and milk. over ice lol


  2. SD Gates says:

    That really sucks!!!! All I can say, is the children will remember this as they grow older. They will remember all the things you have done, and all the things you know who has not done. That’s how it is had worked in our family. My boys remember everything I have done for them and always tell me they don’t know what they would do without me – I am sure the kids will say the same of you as they get older. Do not despair.


    • Thank you for that reminder. I’m the one who lives in the moment so big picture thinking doesn’t come natural to me, it never really has. On the other hand, the wife is the opposite so you would think that she would consider the concept you pointed out without me having to mention it. That’s my guess but it doesn’t work out in our situation.

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