an update, again

My father-in-law is doing better, able to get out of bed by himself and get around on crutches. The wife is working again today and since I was in the bathroom and the little boy had to go, her dad, even on crutches, helped him get to the potty. Even he does more with the kids than she does.

I knew this would happen

Last night my father-in-law texted me for help and I didn’t hear the phone go off even though it was next to my bed and I checked for messages every time I woke up, which was a lot. When I awoke to get the kids up, I saw that he needed help 2 hours earlier and this is the very reason that I feel a facility is best for the very short term. They have people who can attend to every need around the clock and sure, the teenager was able to help but what if he hadn’t heard his text notification go off either? The wife doesn’t ever think of the worst case scenario and I felt bad that I wasn’t able to help but I know that that’s my own issue. I have always been hard on myself but it is what it is, as she likes to say when she’s talking about a characteristic of hers that she can’t change.

It’s not that I don’t want to help and he’s already said that I’ve done the most for him so far out of everyone but during the critical period of recovery, I still wonder if someplace else is better for him? I know that things will get better over time so I just don’t know anymore.

I have a headache and a sore throat and I didn’t sleep well last night. Bla!

I almost laughed because it was unbelievable

I’ve been watching the kids, helping her dad to the bathroom and in and out of bed and after work she said "I just want to make sure you’re not angry or feel put upon. He doesn’t want to be here as much as we don’t want him here." I said "it not a matter of not wanting to help but I just wonder if this is the best place for him." She’s like "everyday it will get better and we bought this house with the plans to take care of in-laws." Then she says "You’ll have to get the kids dinner because I’m too tired. I’m going to go out and water the lawn because the teenager did a half assed job.

Now am I the crazy one or does all this just seem a bit Ludacris?

an update on the update

The wife and her dad just got home from Colorado and he got his wheelchair into our guestroom but it won’t fit in the bathroom, just like I told her it wouldn’t. I said "getting into the bathroom is a pretty important thing and he says "I’ll just wait until tomorrow when I have my crutches. She’s sleeping and has to be up in 4 hours to work and I said to her dad "you’d think that she can take some PTO considering what’s happened". He said "she’s got this project that has to be done today and the guy is a real ass about things.

I told him "Text me if you need anything and he said "My phone is about dead". I asked "Where’s your charger?" He said in the car but don’t worry about it. I said "The kids are going to be up in a bit, you’ll have to have the door closed so you can get sleep and you need a way to communicate." My phone has a good charge so I gave him my charger and when I did he said "I told you you didn’t have to do that’ to which I repeated the point about needing a way to communicate with someone out here.

They’re both so proud and stubborn and don’t want any help from anyone with anything. But she’ll tell the kids to "Go see daddy" a hundred times a day, even when she’s not working. Over the last 5 years, I’ve said "Go see mommy probably a hundredth of the times she’s said the opposite and I swear to you, that’s not an exaggeration.

an update

I just got a call from the wife and her dad is in pretty rough shape. He can’t feed himself or even really lift his feet. apparently, he tried to go form the bed to the chair which was right next to it and that was all they could do.

I said they can’t release him in that condition.

the wife said ‘if they release him tomorrow that will work for me and he’ll be staying with us for a while.

I said if he’s in a wheelchair, our house isn’t constructed to accommodate that. She said "I’m not worried about that, we have that big open foyer. She’s going to work until she can’t work anymore and then pass out.

it’s always something isn’t it?

The wife’s dad got a motorcycle a few weeks ago and I don’t remember if I wrote about that but anyway, he decided to go on a cross country trip from Texas to California.

While the wife was at gymnastics with the little girl, after working on the stairs after work, she texted me and told me that he got into a wreck.

He cracked his pelvis as far as I know so the wife is driving to Colorado and the doctors are going to release him tomorrow apparently.

before she left she said "try not to get angry at the teenager, he’s going to be worried as it is and I know you two haven’t been getting along.

The teenager was supposed to work this weekend but he spent almost all of that time with his friend even though he said that he wanted to help his mom redo the staircase. He’s supposed to be taking care of her dad’s dog but he hasn’t done that very much either and they were talking about going to Tennessee if he had money to go meet his online girlfriend and I said "I am not taking care of that stupid dog while you guys are gone." They ignored me as usual and I remember a few months ago, the wife asked me if I would want to take in her dad’s dog if he died or couldn’t care for him and I said "not only no, but hell no". I don’t like dogs, I have never liked them so why would I want to take one in out of obligation?

She said "oh come on, really?" Now you know that those words, said in that order and with the inflection I’m sure you can hear, are designed to do nothing more than to marginalize the opposing viewpoint and make the recipient feel bad about his position and that shit just pisses me the fuck off, like I don’t have enough shit to be pissed off about in the first place.

I hope her dad will be okay though. She’ll text me as she’s going along on her trip and yes I’ll do my best not to clash with the teenager over anything at all.

the lazy house chronicles chapter 9

the teenager was supposed to sweep the garage from all the dust he created making his shield for his larp game that he plays with his friends in the park and he still hasn’t done it, even though I asked him last night and even his mom made the same request later on.

He comes home from work and before he gets in the house she says "he still hasn’t swept the garage." I said "I asked him one time earlier today if he would do it and he said "I will".

Before her or I could even talk to him about it, he left again and even though he knows he’s supposed to tell us where he’s going, not a single word, nothing.

I asked her do you know where he went?" She said "No."

I said "Shouldn’t you text him and tell him to get his happy ass back here and clean up the garage?"

She said "No, I don’t need the extra stress."

I just said "whatever" and got the bath ready for the kids so at least she could do that, if nothing else.