already pissed off this morning

god damned fucking people. The wife can’t even tell me what time a neurology appointment is for this afternoon and I’ve asked her several times, just so I can get an idea of when I’d have to be ready to go. what the fuck is so god damned difficult about looking at a calendar on your phone and just fucking telling me what time the appointment is.

It would take her less time to tell me once than it would for me to ask her over and over because oh, she’s not good with details.

And she knows I’m a plan your work and work your plan kind of person and she’s the opposite which is why I hardly ever ask her about things like "What are we doing this weekend, etc. but a neurology appointment for the little girl, duh, that’s a little different from "what are we doing this weekend" or "when are you going to coco".

Fucking people.


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