it’s a B-movie

The Snake in the Wall, if it wasn’t a movie, it should be the title of one, well at least this segment of what’s going on over my head as I write this entry.

The teenager has two snakes that I may have written about, a ball python and a king snake. A couple of months ago, the king snake got out of its cage and we couldn’t find it.

a few weeks ago, the wife heard a noise in her office wall that sounded like there was a snake in there so she asked the teenager to look around that corner of the room to see if he could see a snake, maybe it was trapped in a plant, I don’t know.

anyway, he couldn’t see anything and she’s still hearing this noise in her office. She feels bad about letting an animal die in the wall and I pointed out that if that happened, the smell would be horrible. she said that it would eventually go away but who knows how long that would take and as sensitive to smell as she is, it just seemed like a better option to cut the wall open and go on a rescue mission. They’re cutting as I write this so we’ll see what happens.


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