yesterday was a loss, almost

my friend came over with her kids for a little while and before that, she came over in the morning for a little bit.

The wife was working and the little girl needed help opening her toothpaste and her mom said "go see daddy, I’m working". That pissed off my friend because she was like "her mom can’t even take two seconds to help her daughter open a tube of toothpaste?"

My question was "She took the time to have them can’t she find some time to spend with them?" Now, if you can tell me what episode of happy days that’s from, I’ll fly you out here for some of my flavored coffee and a live musical performance, though I really do get nervous playing in front of people.

The 4 of us went out to Panera for dinner and half way through the wife said "I already regret doing this because the little girl isn’t listening" and on the way home she said "that wasn’t fun for me at all".

After she got the little girl bathed and washed the little boy, she went to home depot to get some tile samples for the stairs and the little boy wanted out of the bathtub. I went in there and there was water all over the floor and the rug was soaked. For some reason, that really irritates the hell out of me so I left the bathroom and in the hallway, just screamed "Fuck" at the top of my lungs a couple of times, got a couple towels and I felt bad because the little girl said that I scared her which I didn’t mean to do> I don’t do spills and messes very well but that’s a prerequisite for being a parent isn’t it, that you have to be able to handle that shit with grace? Well, I don’t.


9 thoughts on “yesterday was a loss, almost

  1. SD Gates says:

    As parents, we all reach our limits, especially when we feel like we are the only ones fighting the battle!!


  2. Anxious Mom says:

    I know some women aren’t hard-wired to be all maternal and stuff, but still…why have three if you can’t do some of that mommy stuff?

    Don’t feel bad about losing it over the water. It happens to us all. I go around sounding like Harry from Home Alone some days, just muttering under my breath after cleaning up the 1000th mess of the day and the house still looking like crap because no one is pitching in.


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