100 random questions, my answers

Thanks to my friend Shannon for finding this for me. Here are my answers and if you’d like to do this the link is


1. How are you, really?

sometimes a little happy but mostly feel like I’m an actor on a stage.

2. How do you feel right now? What are you thinking about?

I’m feeling a little numb from this silly day and looking forward to a glass of wine.

3. What’s your favorite color?

If I could see, it would probably be green but I have no idea why. Maybe I just like the sound of it.

4. What’s your favorite food?


5. What’s your favorite dessert?


6. How old are you?


7. What have you learned today?

that the reverse bouncing ball delay in audacity can take a simple piano song and turn it into the building blocks for a massively dark ambient drone.

8. What was your favorite subject in school?

in college it was probably psychology. it was one of my majors.

9. What do you do?

I am a stay-at-home dad, ambient musician and internet broadcaster.

10. What are some of your favorite books?

The Chamber by John Grisham, The Third option by Vince Flynn, The Hot Zone by Richard Preston, and Winter Prey by John Sandford.

11. What are some of your favorite movies?

Rocky 3 and 4, The shawshank Redemption, Contact and the Green Mile

12. What kind of music are you into?

ambient mostly but I like classic rock, classical, hate opera, rap and country.

13. If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

The lazy house Chronicles and the title is pretty descriptive.

14. What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?

Skydiving but it was tremendous fun.

15. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I guess releasing my music.

16. Are you married?


17. How did you meet your spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend?


18. Do you think it’s better to get married when you’re young or better to wait a while?

Everyone is different in this regard but I think if you wait a while you have more life experience and have a better idea who you’re compatible with. On the other hand, my parents were 19 and 21 when they got married and they celebrated their 51st anniversary this year so what the fuck do I know? lol

19. Do you have any kids?

yes, 3.

20. Have you ever thought of adopting?

yes, backstory alert.

21. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

a dj or musician, neither of which my dad supported at the time but now he’s proud of me. People are funny.

22. How did you get into being a stay-at-home dad?

got married.

23. Would you recommend being a stay-at-home dad for other people? Why / Why not?

It’s a difficult thankless job, or that’s how I feel about it on most days. Sure the cuddles from the little boy are nice and it’s nice not to have to worry about interviewing which I absolutely hate but some days, those benefits seem miniscule compared to the shit (no pun intended) that I put up with.

24. What do you do for fun?

write music.

25. Do you like traveling?

a little.

26. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?

Norway or Iceland.

27. Who are some people you’d like to meet someday?

Steve Roach, John Zorn, Robert Rich, SD Gates, Sasifrass the feisty and anxious mom. My apologies if I didn’t spell all that correctly. You three bloggers have been great companions with me on my short journal of personal blogging and I thank you for interacting with me during my journey.

28. If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say?

I’d probably say that the unexamined life is not worth living.

29. What’s one of your favorite habits you have?

I’m not a nun so I don’t wear that. lol.

30. What are some things that make you really happy?

hearing the little boy laugh, hearing the little girl do the same and petting my cat when I had one.

31. What are some things that make you really sad?

that some of my friends who I’ve known for years are no longer in touch like they used to be, not getting hugged as much as I would like and I actually used to cry sometimes when the little girl would cry for us in the night or I’d feel like crying anyway.

32. What are some things that scare you?

sometimes the quiet late at night and my own imagination.

33. Do you like to plan things out in detail or be spontaneous?

I’m usually a plan your work and work your plan kind of guy but I live with and have friends who are the opposite and I’ve adapted. It still drives the wife crazy when I ask her what she’s going to do tomorrow or whatever.

34. Are you a religious person?

no. Religion has been the cause of countless lives lost to bloodshed because one group of people feel that their faith is superior and if there’s a God who cares for each of us individually, he or she would be pissed at a lot of people and if there’s a heaven, I wonder how empty it really is?

35. If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet?

John Lennon and John who wrote the book of Revelations.

36. Would you rather live in the country or in the city?

The city.

37. What was your life like growing up?

It was alright. I wasn’t close to my family because I was so different and I was away at boarding school since I was 12 so my friends were really my family. another backstory alert.

38. What were you like in high school?

energetic and a bit strange. Now I’m just really weird. lol

39. Do you have any brothers or sisters? How many?

2 brothers and a sister.

40. What’s your favorite part about today so far?

that it’s almost over and I’ll have my wine and do the rest of these questions tomorrow night.

41. Who in your life has influenced you the most? How did they do it?

William B. stowe, one of my English professors in college was a great influence on me and because of him, though he’ll probably never know it, unless I find him on Facebook, he inspired me to want to become a novelist. Even though that was a path I abandoned because I found that I put sounds together better than words, and I was horrible at character development, nevertheless, he was still an inspiration that took me down a path I otherwise wouldn’t have traveled, even if it was a short journey.

42. What’s your favorite joke?

this man’s girlfriend walks up to him and says ‘our relationship is over". He says "but baby, I thought we had a great relationship, what happened?" She said "I heard that you were a peetafile.

He said "Peetafile? That’s an awfully big word for a ten year old to know".

43. Have you ever tried sushi? (Did you like it?)

I am a vegetarian so no.

44. Do you like spicy food?


45. How do you like your steak cooked?

I am a vegetarian so I don’t eat steak. I guess I could have just said see answer 43 but no doesn’t answer the cooked part of this question.

46. Do you have a favorite number? Any particular reason why you like that number?

6. I’m not sure why.

47. If you were a type of animal, what would you be and why?

I’d be a cat probably and I wrote a blog entry about it a bit ago.

48. What’s one of the strangest things you’ve ever done?

Intimate sexual information ahead. Years ago, I went to a dominatrix because I had never done anything like that before and I wanted to just try it out. During our session, she put a diaper on me and then peed down the back of it. I told you it was intimate so if you’ve read this far, yeah, that was probably the strangest thing I’ve ever done.

49. What kind of vacations do you like?

Vacations where I get to visit my friends, though I occasionally enjoy going to see my mother-in-law. She has one of the coziest houses I have ever been in.

50. What are some of your major goals in life?

I hate goal questions and I always have, maybe I’m just not focused enough and I envy people who are able to have their lives in order, set achievable goals for themselves and them aspire to meet those goals. Sadly, I am not that person.

51. What are some of your smaller goals in life?

see the last answer just being honest and that’s what this all about.52. What do you like least about yourself?

53. What embarrasses you?

Nothing comes to mind.

54. If you could try out any job for a day, what would you like to try?

Being president for a day. I’d fire the congress. Oh shit, I don’t think it works that way. okay, I’d like to be a bra sizer at one of those fancy stores where women get custom bras made.

55. What’s your earliest memory?

I have always had trouble with this one and I remember my therapist years ago asked me that same thing and I had a hard time telling her because I wasn’t sure about it.

56. What’s the best decision you ever made?

Probably to purchase a keyboard in 1990. That lead me down a path of composition that would flower into the hobby of making ambient music today.

57. Who’s your best / closest friend?

Now, I’d have to say my friend Jill.

58. What do you think people think of you?

It depends on the audience. If it’s Facebook, people probably have the perception that I’m this perpetually angry person. My brother pointed that out once and the wife said "aren’t you concerned about your image since you’re an artist?" I don’t know my fellow bloggers enough to draw a conclusion but I wonder if I seem unhappy a lot of the time?

59. What were your grades like in school?

not too bad, average I guess.

60. If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn?

I would learn about synthesis and sound design.

61. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?


62. Have you ever taken a personality test? (How did the results turn out?)

I took the MMPI2 many years ago but I don’t remember the results.

63. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Their voices.

64. Do you think people can control their own destiny?

I believe to a degree we have the ability to do that with the choices we make but there are times when people end up in less than ideal situations not because of the choices they’ve made specifically but because of the choices of other people.

65. Do you think all people are equally valuable, or do you think some people in certain situations might be more valuable than others (say, a severely

retarded patient vs. a doctor who could potentially save hundreds of lives)?

everyone is unique and everyone has the potential and ability to contribute in some way to the society they live in. Not every contribution is going to be a miracle cure, sometimes a hug is a bigger contribution to someone than anything else in that present moment. Shit, maybe I should write that book after all. lol.

66. Do you think people are basically bad or basically good?

Neither really. Everyone has the potential to be either.

67. Do you think morals are universal or relative to the beliefs, traditions, and practices of individuals or groups?

68. Do you think God exists?

Yes I do but I do not believe that a personal relationship with a creator like a lot of Christians hold to is necessary to acknowledge the existence of something greater than yourself.

69. Do you think any kind of afterlife exists?

it seems that there is an afterlife. When I think about being born, living your life to the best of your ability and then dying, the idea that death is the end is something that just doesn’t sit well with me at all.

70. Do you vote? Why / Why not? If you do vote, how do you usually vote?

Yes, I vote in the general election and I vote libertarian. I don’t want to get into the particulars of all that because I don’t want to type that much and I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee yet.

71. Do you think gay people choose to be gay? Do you think straight people choose to be straight?

I believe that we’re all wired differently and I have read that a lot of people who are gay are people who knew from a very early age, this may be another backstory alert, though, I don’t know when and there are still things I’m nervous in writing about but I’ll just give it time.

72. Is torture ever a good option? If no, why not? If yes, when?

I’m not sure how to answer this one. People who have mentioned that torturing people have produced some results that have foiled terrorist plots and the like, I have to wonder to myself if they have an agenda?

73. Would you kill an innocent person if you thought it might mean saving a dozen other people?


74. What’s the most money you’ve ever given away?

We bought around $500 worth of supplies for people once when there was an evacuation up this way from a hurricane in Houston.

75. What’s the biggest personal change you’ve ever made?

Getting married.

76. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?

Getting married. No, not really but I just had to say it as a joke and if I told the wife that, she’d probably laugh right along with me.

77. What do you think would be one of the best steps we could take toward ending poverty around the world?

takes another sip of coffee. mmm, that’s good shit. Oh yeah, the question.

78. What do you think we could do to best improve the education system?

Get the federal government out of education and hand over all control to each state.

79. In general, what do you think about art?

I’m an artist so you probably know my thoughts on it already.

80. What are some of your favorite websites?

literotica.com/ wingsofanangel.bandcamp.com/

81. What’s the biggest turnoff in a man/woman?

if they have no personality.

82. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?

I’m not sure. I remember once when I was in middle school, I got a bunch of candy and I didn’t want to share it with the other kids in school so when they asked me what I had in the bag, I told them that it was a bunch of stuff from an electronics store.

83. What’s something most people don’t know about you?

If I told you then more people would know but really, someday I may write about it.

84. What’s something you wish everyone knew about you?

another one that I don’t know how to answer.

85. What are some of the first things you do in the morning?

Wake the kids up, get them ready for school and make coffee for me and then for the wife.

86. What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you?

A car crash in 1988 that broke my right arm in three places above the elbow. When the car landed on the passenger side, and I crawled out of a window, I remember putting my right hand on the ground and feeling the ground move in circles. I knew something wasn’t right but I wasn’t sure what it was.

87. Do you cry easily?

Sometimes I wish I could cry easier than I do and maybe inside, things would be better for me. I cried a lot after my daughter was born and when the wife and I almost got a divorce. she had the kid but I had the postpartum depression which I hear can happen.

88. How do you feel about public speaking?

I hate it. I don’t even like my own voice so when I did interviews with a couple of famous ambient musicians a couple of years ago, I asked a friend of mine to edit them because I didn’t want to hear my own voice.

89. Do you like to talk on the phone?

no and it’s thanks to working in technical support that this is the case today. I remember one time I called someone and at the end of the call I said "Thanks for calling". she pointed out that I was the one that had called her. lol.

90. How many emails do you get each week, roughly?

probably a couple hundred.

91. If someone were to make a movie about your life, who would you hope would play you?

John Delancy who played q on star trek the next generation.

92. What’s one of your favorite questions to ask new friends or to get a conversation going?

I’m not the best at initiating conversations with people so I’m not sure how to answer this one.

93. Would you ever sky dive or bungee jump?

I have jumped out of airplanes, twice but I would never bungee jump.

94. Have you ever been in a fist fight?


95. What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled?

I don’t remember.

96. What did you do on your 16th birthday?

I remember on my 16th birthday, someone stole a box of doughnuts that I had in the refrigerator at boarding school.

97. What do you think is one of the most undervalued professions right now?

stay-at-home parents. They get almost no gratitude or appreciation for what they do even though they do it for the betterment of the children.

98. How would you explain your basic life philosophy?

treat other people the way you want to be treated and don’t be cruel or dirty to others. Well, if the dirty is consensual then it’s okay.

99. Would you rather be hated or forgotten?

Hated then I at least knew that my life had some meaning even though it pissed everyone off.

100. If you knew you would die tomorrow, would you feel cheated today?

If I were to feel cheated if I knew that this was my last day on this planet, I would know that it was probably because of my own wrong choices or my meekness over not going for what I really wanted, whatever that was but would I die with no regrets. Absolutely not, I think we all have regrets we just don’t want people to know that because it’s a popular and culturally acceptable thing to say that you live with no regrets. everyone makes wrong decisions, everyone has things that they wished didn’t happen and everyone has done stuff that, looking back, wasn’t the best thing to do, so yes, everyone has regrets but the important thing is to not get stuck in the "would have, could have should have mentality" but that’s very different from having no regrets at all.


11 thoughts on “100 random questions, my answers

  1. SD Gates says:

    Great answers!! I would like to meet you someday and tell you all this angst you are experiencing with raising kids and running a household will get easier. On your answer regarding religion I agree with you. I wish I could figure out a way to get an audio book made for you for “From Cornflakes to Eternity” because that a huge part of it has to do with the afterlife and what happens. I really need to work on that. I hope you have a good, well at least tolerable day. I have to go get ready to earn my honest crust. Talk to you this evening!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    I enjoyed reading your answers (and thanks for the shout-out ❤ )

    I really liked your answer on who you'd like to meet. John the Revelator would be interesting for sure.


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