the lazy house chronicles, I have lost count of the chapter numbers

the following account is hopefully one that I haven’t written about so if I did, feel to whack me in the head with a baseball bat to sharpen my dimming memory, or at least say, hey dude, you already told that story

the teenager actually washed his towels the other day, I think it was Saturday or maybe even Friday, but not without cajoling from his non lazy teenage friends and his mom.

When he took them out of the dryer, he took them upstairs but instead of folding them like a fucking normal person, he just drops them in a pile by the wall outside of the bathroom.

I went upstairs today to wake up the kids and the fucking towels are still in the same place and he still hasn’t gotten his six pack of toilet paper which is on the bar from when the wife went to cosco and I emphasize, the time before last and he goes by the bar every day.

I keep telling myself that I’m not going to say a word, I’m not going to micromanage someone who should have the fucking sense to take an inkling of responsibility for the simplest of things in life.



6 thoughts on “the lazy house chronicles, I have lost count of the chapter numbers

  1. No you didn’t post about him actually DOING the towels, but when you say you aren’t going to micromanage I keep hearing this l voice say “I’m not going to do it, I’m not going to do it I’m not going to do it. FUCK I’ll just do it my damn self” Hey, if he can’t do it with being poked with a cattle prod, just leave it be. And when he texts for tp, so sorry, you’re too lazy to take it to him. Better use a magazine. *snickers* I’m in bitch mode today…


  2. SD Gates says:

    Leave them there long enough and he will probably use one of them to wipe his butt because he won’t have any toilet paper available (I know this from experience – at my house). Remember – regenerating synaptic connections – no rational thought capability.


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