what are your 10 love/hates

Alright, so I’m going to give this a shot and see how it works out. No one answer responses.

Here’s the original url with the challenge.


Things I love

1. cats: they’re so cuddly and cute, I love the purr of a cat and if I could invent a purr pillow, that would be really cool. besides, they’re low maintenance.

2. Pizza: especially from the places that have really cool toppings that you can’t find at the boring big three where there is no culinary imagination at all.

3. a glass of wine: I have a couple of favorites and would like to try red because I hear it’s healthier but I like it sweet so if anyone has any recommendations in that arena, I would "love" to hear your comments. I guess loving to want to get feedback doesn’t count as an item does it?

4. coffee: do I really need to say more? No? I will anyway. I love flavored coffee and the current one that I’ve been drinking for a while is Brandy Alexander, and if there really is a porn star out there with that name, I’d probably love her too. ha, that counts for two items. lol.

5. playing the piano: I’ve only had a couple of years of piano lessons so most of what I know, I figured out myself. Sometimes when I’m feeling sad I’ll go in and just play and imagine that a certain special friend is there silently watching and listening and that’ll make me feel better. I love the therapeutic aspect of playing, especially when I just let myself go with no inhibitions. that doesn’t happen too often so I guess I need to do that more.

6. hugs: I love hugs, sure the quick hug hello or goodbye is okay but I love the long embraces that communicate so much more than words do.

More than halfway through, I can get to 10, I can get to 10, I can do this.

7: chips: I love my chips and salty snacks. I know, they’re not good for you at all but this has always been one of my many weaknesses.

8: when my little girl says something imaginative and loony. Out of the whole family, she’s the one most like me and though it’s very scary to imagine an adult female version of myself, I love all the cute things she says with her little high voice. She has such a great vivid imagination.

9. Erotic literature: No, not the shit with all the long drawn out plots, I get too bored but at the same time, I do like a little story with the scenes of fucking and other sexual escapades. And like anyone else who would admit it, there are certain activities that I’m drawn to. You’ll have to ask before I tell. I don’t know the symbol for wink which is why I spelled it out. lol.

10. Finishing this list: this was actually difficult for me to write and I echo the sentiments of the original blogger for the next list "10? does it only have to be 10?" or something like that anyway.

Things I hate

1. People who use the bathroom and don’t restock the toilet paper on the roller. god damn it, it’s right there in the fucking cabinet next to the bowl. bend down, take a roll out of the cabinet, take the empty paper roller off the spool, throw it in the trash bag, and put the new roll on. Is that too many steps for people who should be able to comprehend said activity? These same people can do computer programming to a degree and build a basic radio in electronics class so I am baffled by the next thing that I hate.

2. Lazy people: Now, I’m not talking about the kind of lazy where you like to lay in bed in the morning for 15 minutes to a half hour. I personally can’t do that, at least not in my own bed. I’m talking about the lazy where you have the expectation that you don’t have to rinse your plate off while you’re already at the sink anyway, or the laziness where you text for more toilet paper, or the instance where someone waits until the last minute to do his laundry and if he’s late for his summer job, he’ll say it’s your fault because you didn’t let him do laundry first because yours was already in the machine or, you had already put color safe bleach in the washer.

For more examples of lazy, go read the lazy house chronicles. I’d paste the urls in here but I’m too lazy. haha.

3. Politicians: This is one that is probably pretty obvious why they’re all on the list, no exceptions because even those with good intentions eventually become selfish corrupt fucks who care not for the people they give lip service to representing. as an aside, when I read this one back, it said pooaticians. that’s probably a better description of them in the first place.

4. Humidity: Why do I live in Texas then? It’s not as humid as Florida which I discovered upon visiting with the family a few years ago. I hate the sticky hot muggy feeling where you almost can’t breathe and you can only take off so many clothes until you’re naked and even then, it’s too fucking hot to have the kind of fun that’s only appropriate for that state of undress.

5. Piano lessons: Though I did have some good lessons with a chick who was in college while I was in graduate school and she taught me the importance of playing rhythmically (oh for once, get your mind out of the gutter), oops, wait, that was my mind, sorry) but anyway, aside from those lessons, I had a teacher who tried to teach me some classical pieces and when I didn’t play it the right way, he’d say "You’re composing again". like it was a bad thing. So I quit lessons and just did my own thing and apparently I’m doing okay that way.

6. exercising: Maybe I haven’t found the right kind of workout to do but I find exercise boring and I never ever get the endorphin high that the wife claims is there. I like going for walks when it’s not a million degrees hotter than hell and a nuclear explosion would be a welcomed blast of coldness for your body which is about to melt from the relentless humidity.

So what’s the right kind of exercise for someone who hates exercise? I can think of one activity that would qualify but how many calories does that really burn anyway? lol.

7. Mornings: By design I am not, not, not a morning person. because of the children I have to be and if I happen to get up late or if I can’t have a couple of sips of coffee, or if they wake me up, I am in a really really bad mood for the rest of the day. When I was a small boy, my dad would often say "Don’t stay up all night".

8. Dogs: I hate them and I always have. I hate when they jump on me or when they lick me or when they bark and they are so needy, not like cats at all. Even as a small boy, I never liked dogs and was always drawn to cats. My wife calls me part cat as well. I remember once, I actually laid on the floor in front of the refrigerator to get warm from the air that was blowing out of the vents on the bottom. a cat would do that shit. lol.

9. Not being able to come up with more stuff that I hate. Okay, so that’s not really true and if it were, it would say quite a lot about the sort of pathology that would be consuming my mind wouldn’t you say? Just trying to make you guys laugh.

10. putting away the laundry: this is a multistep process which involves first sorting the clothes and with two little ones who are close in size, I get it wrong on some accounts and stuff isn’t where it needs to go and then it gets mentioned "You put the little boy’s pants in the little girls drawer" or whatever. I don’t’ mind putting the clothes in the washer or dryer, I just don’t like all the folding, sorting and hanging. It used to be worse when both children were in cloth diapers. I was literally doing laundry almost every second of every day. Even our nanny at the time pointed that out.


10 thoughts on “what are your 10 love/hates

  1. SD Gates says:

    I hate laundry and an empty toilet paper roll too. Makes me so mad!!!!!


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