throwing in the towel

one of the teenagers friends came downstairs and asked me for a towel to take a shower and I said "ask the teenager". He said "he doesn’t have any". I said "go into his room and get one". He said "I’ll just ask his mom".

I went upstairs where lazy fuck was just lying in bed and told him to come downstairs and wash his towels so his friends don’t have to borrow ours, oh and wipe off the counter by the stove and the one by the toaster".

This was maybe a half hour ago and still no teenager downstairs doing anything.

Fuck this shit. What the hell would happen if I just packed up my shit and left/ This house would fall apart.

I think about doing that quite a lot actually just to be real but I know how much it would hurt the little girl and though the little boy doesn’t talk much yet, he would be hurt too.

The teenager probably wouldn’t care, he didn’t really care when I came into the picture anyway.

I’m not going to nag, I’m not going to nag, I’m not going to nag.


5 thoughts on “throwing in the towel

  1. SD Gates says:

    Walkabout time?


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