my interest in space

I am currently listening to a nasa social on the Pluto flyby and for those who are interested in such things, check out

My interest in space began as a small boy when I would watch star trek with my parents. I used to have dreams of visiting planets, dreaming of flying and bouncing really high on the moon and then later, a dream that I was exploring Neptune in the afterlife. I know, my mind is a very strange and odd place.

The way that I channel that inspiration is in my music but if I could see, I’d probably be one of those people who would be out there laying in the backyard looking up at the stars.

One of my all-time favorite movies is contact with Jody Foster and as a result of that film and the book by Carl Sagan one of the projects that I’ve been working on for the better part of 2015, in between everything else that I’ve written, is a 24 hour installation with 16 different collaborators, a project called the Vega Chronicles.

Here’s the basic concept.

5 hundred million years into the future, an alien ship discovers audio transmissions coming from an outpost on a planet orbiting the star of Vega which is about to nova. It’s a pretty simple objective I’m going for really, to catalog the broadcasts of the last 24 hours of transmissions from the dying star of Vega.

I’m hoping to start releasing these starting in the fall, maybe putting an instalation out every couple of weeks which would make the release cycle last for around a year.

Along with that, I’ll be releasing an album on July 14th, the day of the Pluto Flyby. The title is a halo of Dark Icy worlds.

For those interested, here’s a selection of 9 albums both solo works and collaborative efforts inspired by space and the planets.

A Night on Pluto with Mystified

Aural Portraits Of Triton – Vol. 1 with G.m. Slater

Jupiter Is A Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner

Jupiters Cyclone with EugeneKha

The Ancient Glaciers of Mars with MetaDronos

Three Moons with Eugene-kha and Mister Vapor



Dark Flow


One thought on “my interest in space

  1. Lily Lau says:

    I’m interested in space too, I found your post truly interesting, thanks! 😀


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