morning went to hell

great, this is already a shitty day for me, just like most other days. fuck, shit, hell. I think I’ll slam my fucking head through a plate glass window and at least I’ll be able to hear the sound of shattering glass before I temporarily lose consciousness from the blood loss that accompanies a massive head injury.

I went to wake up the little girl and she wanted 5 more minutes. Okay not a big deal. Then the little boy woke up and went into the little girls room and the little girl told him to go away. I got his diaper off and he wanted to watch TV and have him milk so I got him situated and started calling for the little girl to come downstairs to get her diaper off.

I call and call and call and call and call and call, going upstairs, calling into each room, wash, rinse, repeat still no answer. Meanwhile, there are two sinks full of dishes because the teenager and his friend decided to have dinner after midnight and even though the dishwasher is empty, do they clean up anything? No, nothing. Besides that, I know there are sippy cups in the family room which I’ve repeatedly asked both children to go find and bring to the sink last night, that’s all I want, not too much to ask. But I have to go find them myself because the wife says it’s to high maintenance and too stressful to help keep on top of them to be sure the family room is clean.

After around half an hour of not answering me this morning, the little girl finally came downstairs.

I ran into a scooter and wanted to fling it through the wall.

Sometimes it fucking sucks to be a blind parent.


5 thoughts on “morning went to hell

  1. SD Gates says:

    Sounds like a crappy morning. I hate it when I come through in the morning to get coffee and find a sink full of dishes left from a midnight foraging episode my teenagers had the night before. It pisses me off so much. I tell them – the dishwasher door will open for you too – they aren’t amused – but I am!!!!!


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