public humiliation may be in order

The wife complained again that there wasn’t any lunch meat in the refrigerator and I said "talk to the teenager about it". I knew she wasn’t complaining to me and the affirmed that. We’re both tired of him not taking any initiative for anything at all.

I haven’t nagged or even said once in the last couple of weeks anything about the trash or recycle but the wife has had to which means that he still doesn’t get it.

I would love nothing more than to call him out publicly on Facebook about this shit and even tag his friends but that’s probably just the spiteful part of me, an imaginary vindictive bitch who doesn’t get the chance to come out to play because I know in my head that it’s not the right thing to do.

Still, just one time in what’s left of my life, I’d like to let that inner bitch have free reign and to hell with whatever the consequences would be. Now wouldn’t that truly be living in the moment, even if it meant that the next several might be somewhat perriless?


12 thoughts on “public humiliation may be in order

  1. SD Gates says:

    I dream about being vindictive sometimes, but the nicer part always reigns me in. But we can dream, right?


  2. Anxious Mom says:

    He probably wouldn’t even care, yet you’d catch hell for public shaming.

    I so want to yell “Take. His. Car.” at your wife. Omg, that’s maddening, I don’t know how you deal.


    • You’re probably right but she has a nice neat little logical answer for everything. If I told her to take his car, she’d say “that means that I’d have to take off work to drive him around to football practice and to work and I’d have to go to the store”.

      Is it any wonder I don’t say very much about anything since there’s always a counter argument in there for every opinion.

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