blah week

the little boy had a fever of 102 a couple of days ago but he’s fine now. Even though I got some new music written, and if anyone wants links to previews, just let me know in the comments, I still felt that a lot of this week was one in which I felt disconnected form a lot of stuff.

The wife will be going to a graduation party for one of the teenagers friends so I’ll be here with the little ones as usual on a Saturday.

She’s painting the poles of the patio after having her morning coffee and after I got the children breakfast, (they wanted chicken nuggets, not a big deal) I sighed when I walked through the living room and she asked "Are you in a bad mood again"? I said that I wasn’t and just went about my business, getting the kids fed while I also tried to get something to eat for myself.

The wife is done with her job and she’s got a phone interview on Monday and she says that she’ll take the job even if it means that she has to go into the office every day. I said "I’ve always said that it’s better for you to have a job where you’re at the office and you come home happy rather than work from home and be miserable".

After saying that for the last two years, she finally gets it. I didn’t nag on the point but would just bring it up once in a while when she was talking about finding another job, and even then not in every conversation.

I’ve read some blog posts this week that have made me think about posting some of my own views on those subjects so when I do that, I’ll try to link back to the original post so you have a reference for where I got the idea from. I need to do that soon or those links will get lost in the electronic wasteland that is my email.

Monday is our 11th anniversary and we’re getting our cake tomorrow and it seems that I may have already mentioned that in another post. I have to wonder what is happening to my short term memory for things not related to music?


6 thoughts on “blah week

  1. SD Gates says:

    I am glad your son is better!!! I would like the link to your music previews. I always hate it when people ask me if I am in a bad mood. I say “If you keep asking me if I am in a bad mood, it will make me be in a bad mood”. They usually leave me alone after that.


  2. congratulations on eleven years. from what little i’ve heard, you’ve had to show so great fortitude to make it this far.


  3. stomperdad says:

    Glad to hear your little one isn’t running a fever any more. It’s never fun when a kid is sick. Congrats on 11 years! I know what you mean about that disconnected feeling. Sometimes your so into routine that feels like nothing changes. Just going through the motions. Music is a great way to keep that from happening 🙂


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