why the hell do I even bother?

no one ever ever listens to me around here, ever. Putting kids in time out doesn’t work, yelling is ineffective which I don’t like doing anyway, asking nicely yields no results at all, well, most of the time.

The wife just yells "listen to your daddy" and every time I hear a sentence that ends with the word daddy, I feel like I want to kill someone, not the little ones, they start their sentences with that word, which is alright.

time to emplore them one more time to get sippy cups from the family room since the wife is too much of a lazy ass to do anything around here except focus on her stupid reptiles, house projects and precious career.


8 thoughts on “why the hell do I even bother?

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    I’m not sure what ages your kids are, but timeouts never worked with Little Man either. And we try not to yell and don’t spank, so had to get a little creative. Some things that worked for us–but we had both parents on board, not sure how well that’ll go over when your wife isn’t pulling her weight–was chore charts, taking toys/privileges. If LM wanted to watch a TV show or go to the park, he had to earn enough stars or whatever by picking up after himself, being respectful, that kinda thing.

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  2. Sheesh I wanna strangle people for you…
    Nothing really worked for my NSLM. Time outs were pointless, as were taking away TV, ds, games and toys. He was not bothered at all, so I am no help there. Monkey, on the other hand…drama. What’s good for the goose is NOT good for the gander in my household. I’d also say cut out the middle-man, but she seems to do that fine by herself. You need Super Nanny


    • a friend of mine called me super dad about a month ago, maybe it was a little longer. I remember the show nanny 911 from a while ago.

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      • I wasn’t a big fan of Nanny 911, but I LOVED Jo! She is amazing! That, and she’s British and I LOVE Brits because of their no nonsense bullshit tell it like it is. Maybe that’s why I’m like I am! I was born in the wrong time period, in the wrong country!! 😀


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