what happened to consequences

when I moved in with the wife and the boy was just 6 years old, whenever he’d get in trouble she would say "good decisions have good consequences, bad decisions have bad consequences".

Jump ahead 11 years and the now teenager has a female friend he’s talking to on skype and she wants to come here to visit over the summer since she says she’ll be 18.

The wife said that the two of them, meaning her and the teenager should go up there over a weekend, meet his friend and her parents and then if she wants to come out for a visit, she’d be okay with that.

So far, no problems with that idea.

She’s worried that the teenager won’t discourage his friend from coming out here and that he’ll do some other stupid stuff, like they were having a conversation and he asked "What would happen if I just left with my truck?" She said "First of all, it’s my truck and if you just took off with it, I’d call the police and you’d have a felony.

I told her, after she recounted that conversation that if she’s that worried that he’ll do something that dumb, we should take the truck away.

As usual, she said and that would be inconvenient for us.

I wanted to ask "Since when is parenting convenient? It’s not always what’s most convenient or easiest for you. Your dad can take the teenager to where he needs to go over the summer, he’s retired and he’ll probably give him hell for making decisions that got the truck revoked but someone has to do it. You won’t and he doesn’t listen to me at all."

I didn’t say any of that and I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just stupid or something, hell.

She didn’t like the idea of taking the truck away so I said "Okay, take away his tablet and computer.

I think tonight I’m going to bring up her dad as an option because it’s only something I thought of this morning, not the convenience part, I thought of that last night.

My life is a wreck.


One thought on “what happened to consequences

  1. SD Gates says:

    Eek! Parenting is the toughest job you will ever love (for the most part)!


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