the wife and I got out by ourselves to get some ice cream, a nice relaxing little get away after the little ones were in bed.

We ordered our ice cream at the drive through and when she handed me my cup, I said "Thank you for the ice cream">

She said "Really? You make it sound like it’s a big deal that you got some ice cream, That has always rubbed me the wrong way, even though I know that’s not your intention".

I said "I never knew that".

She said "I was trying to work through it but I just can’t turn that off".

Then she said "it makes me feel like your keeper".

what ever happened to the little niceties and simple manners in society. We teach our children to say please and thank you but when I say it to the wife as a simple gesture of courteousness, which I was always taught, that’s the response? hmm.


3 thoughts on “really?!

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    Yeesh. My husband has said that it makes him feel uncomfortable when I tell him thanks for things, as he doesn’t want me to feel like it’s his money, but ours. Well yeah, but nothing wrong with saying thanks!


  2. geesh! acknowledge someone for what they did and they say no thanks. what has the world come to?


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