not an inspirational day

Today I’m not feeling very inspired at all.

Piano compositions aren’t coming together the way I’d like and when I told the wife this, she said "if you just tried a little harder, your stuff would be better quality" and then she apologized because she thought she hurt my feelings. Maybe it did hurt my feelings a little I don’t know.

I remember she once said "You’ve got so much talent but you release all this shit out into the world" meaning the droney or space ambient stuff which she doesn’t believe it really takes any talent at all to compose. She said "I can hold a key down on the keyboard for an hour and call it music too".

So one time I said "okay, go ahead, create me an ambient drone". She said "I’ll play the keyboard but you have to do all the audio processing". I said "that’s part of the creation so you’ll have to figure out how to do it all". She never did take me up on that opportunity to support her silly claim that it doesn’t take talent to do ambient.


18 thoughts on “not an inspirational day

  1. dude,

    take it easy on yourself. you are still a worthy person.

    i know that it sucks when I’m living up to my own expectation and i can understand why you’re being hard on yourself. please recognize this falling short happens to the most accomplished people.

    it wouldn’t be called an inspiration if you did it every day. it would simply called life. the point I’m trying to make is no one feels inspired everyday, no matter their position in life.

    you’re no inspired today. so. maybe that will make your next inspiration all the better.


  2. that’s i’m _not_ living up


  3. I love your music. She has shit taste. Oops..did I say that?


  4. I’m ready to listen to more of your music. I recently borrowed the complete works of William Shakespeare from the libary (it’s a southern thing/a family way to say it lol) and I would love to listen to your music while I read. I think I’m on the tail end of the Latarda haze, and my mind is feeling MUCH better now. Challenge, accepted, Brain! 🙂 Hope you are feeling better (HUGS)


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