you have to say the password

after the little girl got up and took her diaper off, she wanted to spin in circles around the hallway.

After we spun in circles forever, she sat in my recliner and I tried to go by but her leg was between the recliner and the ottoman forming a bridge. I said "Can I get by please"? She said "You have to say the secret password."

I said "How can I say the secret password if it’s a secret?"

She said "I’ll give you a hint. "it’s green and bumpy and you like to eat it".

I said "Broccoli". she said "No, it’s dark green".

I said "wow, that’s a hard one".

She said "It’s a pickle".

I said "Pickle".

She said "You didn’t say please".

I said "Pickle Please" and she let me through. I wish I had recorded that, it was pretty funny.


3 thoughts on “you have to say the password

  1. Those are the best moments ❤


  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Aww how sweet ❤️


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