damn people

The wife came back from the grocery store and while I was putting the groceries away, did she spend any time with the kids at all? hell no! She had to go out and paint the damned polls of the front porch and the little boy who doesn’t have any clothes on is trying to go outside to be with her and she says "get back in the house, you don’t have clothes on". And then she yells to me "Can you get some clothes so he can come outside with me"? while I’m trying to get the groceries put away.

I hear the little girl say "Mommy, I picked you a flower" and the wife said "I’m busy".

I’m having some wine after they all go to bed, maybe more than one glass. I need a vacation away from this madness.


5 thoughts on “damn people

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    Omg I don’t care what you have going on, you do not say “I’m busy” when a kid gives you a gift. šŸ˜” My little fella will bring me back a gift every time he goes outside–mostly flowers, but I have a dish of smooth pebbles he started giving me when he was 2. Ugh.


  2. SD Gates says:

    If she doesn’t watch out, they will stop trying to be with her and giver her gifts and then she will wonder why.


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