a cute moment

the little girl was laying on my lap and she said "Daddy, you belly is a pillow". I said "is mommy’s belly a pillow too?" She said "No". I asked why and she said "Because you’re my daddy and you’re everything." That was so sweet and at the same time it made me a little sad that she doesn’t feel that way about her mom. I guess it was a rare bittersweet moment.

follow up to the earlier blog post

Here’s the latest on the situation that had me pissed off earlier.

My friend and I were planning to get together this morning after she dropped her kids off at school and I told her that I could hang out with her for a couple of hours but that I had a follow up neurology appointment to go with for the little girl.

She asked me if the wife could just pick me up on the way so she doesn’t have to make two trips.

I didn’t think it was a big deal since she lives literally 5 minutes away so I asked the wife if she could come pick me up on the way to the appointment or (and here’s the out) is it not on the way?

She said that it’s not on the way and I said okay.

Then she said "You don’t have to go since it’s just a follow up, I’m used to doing all these things solo anyway."

I said "the reason you do a lot of those appointments solo is because it’s a pain to take both kids, something she says all the time.

She didn’t say anything and went back into her office, I don’t know if she just ignored the comment or didn’t hear me. I am sometimes a low talker anyway.

A little while later, she came out on her way to get another cup of coffee and said "when you asked me to pick you up, that really pissed me off. You know that I’ll have to deal with the little girls cranky ass and that I have to work and it just seemed selfish of you to ask me to do that."

I said "that wasn’t my intention".

So am I wrong and selfish for making such a request or no? if no, is she overreacting?

already pissed off this morning

god damned fucking people. The wife can’t even tell me what time a neurology appointment is for this afternoon and I’ve asked her several times, just so I can get an idea of when I’d have to be ready to go. what the fuck is so god damned difficult about looking at a calendar on your phone and just fucking telling me what time the appointment is.

It would take her less time to tell me once than it would for me to ask her over and over because oh, she’s not good with details.

And she knows I’m a plan your work and work your plan kind of person and she’s the opposite which is why I hardly ever ask her about things like "What are we doing this weekend, etc. but a neurology appointment for the little girl, duh, that’s a little different from "what are we doing this weekend" or "when are you going to coco".

Fucking people.

it’s a B-movie

The Snake in the Wall, if it wasn’t a movie, it should be the title of one, well at least this segment of what’s going on over my head as I write this entry.

The teenager has two snakes that I may have written about, a ball python and a king snake. A couple of months ago, the king snake got out of its cage and we couldn’t find it.

a few weeks ago, the wife heard a noise in her office wall that sounded like there was a snake in there so she asked the teenager to look around that corner of the room to see if he could see a snake, maybe it was trapped in a plant, I don’t know.

anyway, he couldn’t see anything and she’s still hearing this noise in her office. She feels bad about letting an animal die in the wall and I pointed out that if that happened, the smell would be horrible. she said that it would eventually go away but who knows how long that would take and as sensitive to smell as she is, it just seemed like a better option to cut the wall open and go on a rescue mission. They’re cutting as I write this so we’ll see what happens.

need some help with my blog

For people who follow this blog, I’m having a problem seeing older entries. The last one I can seem to find is "yesterday was a loss, almost. I’m not seeing the option to see older posts like I see in other blogs. do I need to use a different theme? I’m using the default right now which it says is the 2012 theme so I wasn’t sure what I had to change so that I can see all my posts?

Thanks for the help if possible.