Last night, the teenager was pissy because Cindy and I were in the kitchen talking while he was watching his stupid youtube video while eating at the table and he said "I’m just going to pause this until you guys are done". She said "I was finished anyway so I’m leaving". Most of the time, I’m the one who gets dinner for the little ones anyway and they don’t really use tablets at the table.

Leah is feeling a lot better, though she did have one instance of diarrhea but she still hasn’t felt like eating anything.

I told the wife that I’m going to have the teenager make up the guestroom bed because I don’t feel like it. She said "that works" and then she said "have his friend do it, he sleeps in that room anyway". I said ‘No, I want him to do it and if he asks why or says I’ll do it in a minute or a second or later, I’m going to go postal and punch him in the face". She said "You couldn’t catch him to punch him in the face". I said "then you do it". and she said "I can’t catch that guy either. I’ll just take his truck away. Oh wait, that would be punishing me more than him".

What the fuck ever.


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