the irony never ends

the wife came out to the kitchen to make some lunch and said "I really wanted a sandwich" I said "well, how much turkey is left?" She said 2 pieces but I use three." I said "if people would let me know when things are about to run out around here, I could go out to the freezer and get more." She said "if certain people would go out to the freezer and get stuff when it starts to run low we wouldn’t have this problem. I always get the short end of the stick around here". I wanted to laugh my ass off but that’s not where I hold the extra weight so it wouldn’t have done any good anyway.

The teenager doesn’t do shit around here and I know that she’s responsible for that but it’s me who has to deal with the consequences of that as well, like hearing her bitch about how he never ever gets anything from the freezer.

I was going to say, "the next time he makes a sandwich or has dinner down here, take his tablet away and don’t let him watch his stupid YouTube videos during dinner until he can start bringing things in form the outside freezer when they run out in here".

She would have given me some fucking shitty logic as to why that wouldn’t work and how it wouldn’t address the problem.


5 thoughts on “the irony never ends

  1. SD Gates says:

    I feel your pain. My teenagers eat eggs, but place the cracked eggs back in the egg container so perfectly that it looks like we still have lots of eggs. But then they get mad at ME when they come to cook eggs and all we have is a container of empty egg shells. What the heck?!!!! How was I to know? Looked like we had tons of eggs. I hate being responsible for everything that happens in this world.


    • And I know what you’re talking about because it’s the same way over here.

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      • SD Gates says:

        Although I vaguely remember pissing my Mum off on a regular basis when I was a teenager, because she would get irritated about things I did and didn’t do and I would just forget to do or not do them. I guess this is Karma bouncing back to kick me in the ass. I read somewhere, ages ago, in one of my Pediatric journals, that when you are a teenager, your synapses are regenerating, so rational thinking is almost an impossibility for this age group, and impulse control is negligible. So I try and remind myself of that – they are basically functioning without any synaptic connections (or something like that) hence their strange, thoughtless behavior at times.


      • that’s an interesting explanation and I can see that. thanks for sharing.

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      • SD Gates says:

        Sometimes the only thing that has gotten me through the 13-16 year old period (and I have too really enormous boys).


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