I just don’t understand, really

I told the wife that the little girl should probably have some pedialight because she’s thrown up three times today and she said "it’s not that bad really" and "I’ll explain it to you if you want to know".

She proceeds to tell me that "what that’s really for is runny diariah and not a one day stomach bug. We’ll spend $20 on a little bottle of pedialight for her to maybe drink and it comes right back up". I said, ‘sure, if she drinks it that would happen but if she sips it slowly, it’s going in slowly so the system has time to adjust to something being introduced to it".

She said ‘that’s not going to help a stomach bug and she’s got enough on her bones where it doesn’t really matter".

It’s a fucking wonderful life affirming feeling to be counteracted all the fucking time on every fucking issue I bring up around here.


One thought on “I just don’t understand, really

  1. SD Gates says:

    Actually she is wrong and you are right. If Little Girl is vomiting, she needs to replace electrolytes and fluid. How much she has on her bones has nothing to with how fast she dehydrates. If she doesn’t want to spend the money for the pedialyte liquid, you can always get the pedialyte popsicles which have to be eaten slowly, but you have to keep her hydrated while she gets through this 24 hour bug. If it is truly a viral illness, once the diarrhea begins the vomiting should subside. Make sure you wash your hands well, because you don’t want this stuff!!!!!


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