abnormal morning, normal reactions

Leah threw up this morning around 3 and I hit my talking clock and I thought it said 6 am. After Cindy got the floor cleaned up and went into the bedroom, I told Leah to get her diaper off and wipe. When Cindy came out of the rom, Leah said "Daddy told me to get my diaper off"> She said "why did you do that, it 3 in the morning, go back to bed", exasperated obviously, like she asked the next question which was "Are you going to wash these towels or do I need to"? I understand that being awake at 3 in the morning makes you less than friendly, but really? She says that I’m the unhappy one and I don’t get that grumpy when I’m woken up, usually, there are exceptions like there are to everything.


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