the update you’ve all been waiting for

okay, so maybe not really but she did put the pizza away. I had to ask and when I did, she paused and said "Okay" and I said "you paused, like you were uncertain". She said "I paused because I was trying to figure out if you wanted me to put it away right now or if it could be later?"

I said "It doesn’t matter to me as long as it gets done."

Her taking every single fucking literally all the time is absolutely maddening. The concept of a figure of speech is alien and a lot of times, I feel that our communication styles are like abbot and costello.


2 thoughts on “the update you’ve all been waiting for

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    She reminds me a bit of my husband.

    He’s the type of person who needs you to tell him every single thing, if you want it to get done, down to the smallest detail. It’s annoying as hell, but to his credit, if you are very specific with him and ask him to do something, he’ll do it (after first asking when it needs to be done lol). Whenever I would get mad at him in the past about him not seeing what needs to be done and doing it, he finally told me that I just need to be a bitch and stay on his case, instead of getting mad and stewing over it. I try not to be a bitch, but I do stay on top of him about doing things and things get done.

    I don’t know if that would help with your situation, but something to think about I guess.


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