fuckig pissed off already

fuck this god damned shit. I haven’t even had my fucking first cup of coffee and the little boy is up too early, he already shit in his underwear and after I told him to get a new pair of underwear, he didn’t listen so the wife, who had just woken up yelled ‘go see your daddy"! There’s a huge fucking mess on the second floor from where the kids, probably the little girl, took out all of the games that we haven’t used since before we moved in here, and they’re all over the floor. If someone wasn’t such a god damned fucking lazy fuck and would get off her stupid lazy ass and actually do something around this fucking house, maybe the children wouldn’t make a mess out of shit that should have been thrown away. I have a mind to get a trashbag, and just empty everything fucking thing in the god damned hall closet into it and then that would solve the problem since no one else ever ever ever ever ever takes any fucking initative around here, ever!

I already want to punch a hole in the wall, slam my head through a glass window or pound on the banasters with my hands. Oh wait, I already did the last thing and it didn’t help. I’m still fucking pissed off. Fuck this shit!!!


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