the lazy hours chronicles, part 4, getting up or not to get up

This morning, the wife and I were having coffee and the little boy came up to me and took my hand. She said "use your words and tell daddy what you want."

He said "Juice" and even though her and I were in recliners right next to each other, I was the one to get up and interrupt my coffee time to get breakfast for the kids, juice and strawberries for both of them, sausage and eggs for one and waffles for the other.

Sure the waffles were frozen so I just put them in the toaster and the eggs were left overs so I could microwave those but the point is, it’s always me doing this stuff, all of it all of the time.

The little boy started whining and she just yelled "stop" form her recliner.

After they had breakfast and I got them cleaned up, the little girl came in and said "Mommy, there’s something wrong with my toy kitchen". She asked "What"? and the little girl said "let me show you". The wife said "I don’t feel like getting up, can’t you just tell me"? Now is that sad or what?

Trash and recycle haven’t been taken out for at least 4 days but I’m holding tru to my word and not saying a single thing to the teenager, not one word about it at all.


4 thoughts on “the lazy hours chronicles, part 4, getting up or not to get up

  1. oops, that should have been the Lazy House chronicles.


  2. SD Gates says:

    All I can tell you is the kids will remember who helps them most. And good for you, for not saying a word about the trash. And when the teenager comes and asks you for something, look pointedly at the trash and tell them, Sorry, I just don’t feel like doing that. My mind is so cluttered with the thought of that trash that has been sitting there for DAYS, I can’t focus on anything you might need or want. That should get his attention! Then he will probably throw himself about and take the trash out.


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