it’s sad

I heated up some left over macaroni and cheese for the little girl this afternoon and she said "Mommy’s macaroni and cheese is better than yours". I said "well, this is mommy’s, it’s just left overs so I have to microwave it." "I know, I’m a terrible cook and a terrible singer." "but am I a good dad?"

She said "No, you’re a bad dad." I asked why and she said "Because you yell at me all the time and you hate me."

What do you say when your daughter says something like that to you?

She knows that I yell at her because she doesn’t listen and when I recounted this incident to the wife she said "That makes me sad" "but you do yell a lot." I said "I don’t have exclusivity on yelling around here" and she said "but you yell at her a lot more than I do, but she doesn’t listen to you as much".

My head says that this kind of talk is sometimes normal but my emotions are so sad right now.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that taking a shower doesn’t help me distress the way it used to, I’m still as bitchy when I come out as I was when I went in. I was going to try to write some music tonight but I’m too sad to even do that.


One thought on “it’s sad

  1. microwave tip: most microwave ovens are actually too powerful. that leads to dried our food. double the time and set the microwave at half power. that will minimizes the food from drying out. and will lead to better tasting food.

    give it a try. you’ll be surprised.


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