fuck matching clothes

fucking people fucking piss me off. fuck the wife, oh wait, I can’t, she doesn’t want me fucking touching her. Fuck this god damned fucking shit, who cares if the little girls clothes don’t match? A friend was just trying to help me out so she didn’t have to do something extra apart from her fucking precious career or go to reptile shows with the teenager and she says shit like "your friend matched about as well as the children do" or "I resorted the clothes so I can pick stuff that actually matches…Fucking irritating." Unappreciative. I’m fucking pissed off and it’s not even 7:30 and it’s not even a Monday.


9 thoughts on “fuck matching clothes

  1. What a bitch. Let the Little girl alone woman. How do you honestly not go postal? That’s a strength I do not posses. I commend you on that


  2. SD Gates says:

    I say Pooh! on everyone, let the Little Girl pick out her clothes. Oh my – why do people have to be so mean and ungrateful? I say you should go on Walkabout and leave her to do everything!!!!!!

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    • what is walkabout? That sounds like a British term.

      I like the idea.

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      • SD Gates says:

        It’s an Australian term, actually Aboriginal – it’s part of becoming a man, they drop everything and go out into the outback and fend for themselves. Or for those of us that aren’t Aboriginal, we just drop everything, pack our swag (bags) and take off without telling anyone where we are going. Then we come back when we are good and ready!!!!


      • I have actually given thought this idea on several occasions and there were two times when it almost happened. I’ll have to write about those sometime.

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      • SD Gates says:

        I can’t wait to read the stories!!!! My Mum used to go on walkabout. This was when I was in college, and at home for the summer (Gee – I hope it wasn’t me that made her go on walkabout). But she would leave money for me – and say I am going on walkabout and she would go off for about 2 weeks. I never asked her where she went, I am assuming she went out into the countryside. I just think she needed to get away and ramble on her own.


  3. Anxious Mom says:

    Wow how rude! As long as the kids are dressed and good to go that’s all that should matter!


    • yeah, my thoughts exactly. they need the power of choice, that’s a step for development. If I’m giving each of the kids a plate of food, even if it’s the same thing on each plate, I’ll ask one of them which one he or she wants.

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      • Anxious Mom says:

        Agree completely. Kids only have so much control as it is, so why not let them exercise that a bit where it doesn’t matter so much? Especially if they’re not of school age and don’t have a dress code to adhere to. One thing we give LM complete freedom with is his hair, which he chooses to wear quite a bit longer than other boys.


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