some people never learn, ever

The wife got red velvet cupcakes for her birthday today and after dinner, gave one to each of the kids and then went into her office to watch her lizard hunt bugs.

I had a hard day with the kids, the little girl was in time out at least three times for being mean to her little brother, and he was whiny. She and the teenager went to a reptile show, they can never miss one of those, even though she doesn’t spend hardly any time with the two little ones at all.

So the little girl ate three cupcakes and all she says is "Oh well." She’ll never ever learn to put shit away and after I said "Maybe you should put the rest of them on the top shelf in the refrigerator", she just said "yeah" and went back to her reptiles.

I sometimes honestly feel that the longer we’re together, the less I understand her.

Taking a hot shower didn’t help my mood either, I still want to hit something or scream at someone.


13 thoughts on “some people never learn, ever

  1. I know I good place we can go and scream together. Sending you some Zen


  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Ugh what a day. Sounds like you could have used something stronger than the wine.


    • after having my glass of wine, which there’s still a little left, so maybe it’s not after, but I got another album of manipulated shortwave recordings finished. Now all I have to do is figure out titles for the tracks and the album itself.

      Here’s the first track if you want to check it out, with a warning that this is rather strange stuff. my wife says that it takes no talent to do this sort of thing but she likes my piano playing.


  3. SD Gates says:

    Sounds like an awful day without any gratitude or appreciation from anyone. Was it rainy in your neck of the woods? I have noticed in the clinic, the kids get a but whacky when rain is on it’s way, my theory is it has something to do with the drop in the barometric pressure. I have a greeting card that says – I do Yoga, I garden, I take long baths and I still want to the smack the crap out of someone. Sounds like a perfect card for your day!!!!!


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