no help for something so simple: the lazy house chronicles part2

Hey, that’s a great title for my book "The Lazy house Chronicles. lol.

The wife was sitting in the recliner playing a game on her tablet and the little boy grabbed my hand and she said "Use your words". He said "Help" and took me over to where he lost a ball behind the couch. I got down on my knees and tried to see if it was in the corner between the couch and the wall and it wasn’t so then I went to get a broom from the closet to try to get it, ran the handle of the broom along the wall behind the couch and figured, even if the ball wasn’t against the wall, the length of the handle would put it closer to the edge so I could retrieve it for him.

That didn’t work and the teenager happened to come downstairs so the wife says "Can you help him get his ball?"

Here’s a novel idea. How about get off your fucking ass and help your kid with something once in a while.

She’s off at home depot with the teenager getting some light and an extension cord so she can keep some moss alive in a tank for her terrarium.


2 thoughts on “no help for something so simple: the lazy house chronicles part2

  1. SD Gates says:

    Oh my gosh – are we living mirrored lives? Sometimes I feel like the entire family is moving in fast motion and a certain individual is moving in slow motion on the sofa, while the world deals with life around him. My kids like to say they are from a single parent family sometimes – because only one of us deals with majority of issues in the household. Like the title of your book – Lazy House Chronicles – it’s great!!!!


    • We might be living mirrored lives. The more I get involved with blogging about my feelings and interact with stay-at-home moms, I find that a lot of us live mirrored lives. It makes me feel not so alone and that’s a good feeling along with making new friends. I don’t get out of the house that much at all as you can probably tell from some of my other blog posts and I’ll probably write more about that later too. Thank you for your comment.

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