running out of happy faces

more stupid shit in the lazy house. I’m waiting by the door to listen for the bus for the little boy to go to school and the wife, who went into the kitchen to get a second or third cup of coffee, which I always make for her every morning says "There’s a banana peel on the table". By the time she said that fucking shit, she could have thrown the damn thing away herself. What the fuck is up with this shit of people not taking any initiative around here at all?

I get it with the little ones, they don’t know any better and I’m trying to guide that a little by having them clean up something every day. But for the other two lazy asses, there’s no excuse whatsoever for this shit.

Just because she is the one who makes the money, and just because he’s in football, doesn’t exempt either of them from doing something outside of what their primary tasks or chosen tasks are. We’re a family and families do things for each other that are outside of the conscripted roles they’ve decided to define for themselves.

Oh wait, I’m talking about a normal family. in this one, we’re just individuals doing only what we’re supposed to do and I think to myself on more than one occasion "I didn’t sign up for this shit!"

Am I being too overly reactive or too sensitive? I just don’t know anymore.

I could give you example after example but if I did, this wouldn’t be a blog, it would be a novel and who wants to read something that long?

I’m off to put clothes away, get a shower and maybe get something to eat. All I’ve had is coffee because I’m not hungry yet.


6 thoughts on “running out of happy faces

  1. I don’t think you are being either. You are being honest. I think as a whole people have forgotten how to work as a cohesive family unit and it’s “everyone for themselves”. It shouldn’t matter who makes the money and who’s the stay at home parent. Throw the damn banana peel away. I hope you ate something other than a banana.


  2. Anxious Mom says:

    How frustrating. Little things like that have a way of building up and really wearing you down. Not too sensitive, either, I wouldn’t say.


  3. SD Gates says:

    Oh! I get nutty over tinier stuff than a banana peel on the table. I say go on strike!!!!!! I’ve tried this several times. I get as lazy as every one else in my house and then they are like, why does our house look like such a mess, why are these water bottle all over the place, why don’t I have any underwear, what are we having for dinner. I tell them I am in hoarding mode, gonna drop stuff right where I use it, piss all over the toilet seat, fling stuff around, make sure to empty half a plate or rice into the dishwasher because I am too lazy to rinse it off, maybe not even put the plate in the dishwasher. After a day or two of that, they come around and then we are good for several more months.


    • wow, I like the idea. I do the dishes anyway so if I let the sinks get full, which I’ve done form time to time, the wife will ask are you depressed because you’re letting stuff go a bit. the teenager doesn’t even rinse off his plate and even his friends say that he’s lazy.

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      • SD Gates says:

        My kids’ friends same the same about them. Ooo! if anyone asked me if I was depressed and said I was letting things go, I think I would go completely psychotic and just go blathering off into the sunset!


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