released after less than a day

unfucking believable! The friend of the wife’s who tried to kill himself who was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon is going to be released today. He’s the kind of person who won’t stay with anyone even if the offer is made so she’s going to pick him up, get his keys and drop him off at his car so he can go home.

She said "I know it’s not supposed to be all about me but I’ve missed half a week of work for nothing."

I told her that sure there is the very real possibility that he could try again tonight but there is also the equal possibility that he just needed to know that someone cared about what happened to him. You never know what’s really going on inside someone else’s head so there’s never a way to know for sure.

I just wish there was something tangible I could do for her but there isn’t. When she was crying the other day in her office, I went to bring her some water and I extended my hand to give her a gentle touch, sometimes that helps and she said "don’t touch me". My immediate emotional reaction was to feel shut out but then I understood that in a crisis, that may not be what she needed, even though I thought it would help.

She’s done that whole "don’t touch me" a couple of other times lately like the one day she got a bad review for work and she went to bed early. I went into the room just to be with her and I just started to lightly touch her, actually, I think I got as far as my index finger touching her skin and she said "Nope!". I just walked out of the room.

a friend of mine said if it hasn’t been three days for that dude in the hospital, he must have requested to be let out.


4 thoughts on “released after less than a day

  1. You have a very full life.


  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Yikes, I hope everything will be all right for this guy.


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