I’m going to have to charge you extra for the poop

That’s a line from a Beavis and Butthead episode, I had to find a little humor somewhere after the last couple of days which involve a multitude of separate subjects, okay, only two but one of them is going to take forever to write about.

I don’t get it. The little boy goes pee in the toilet just fine but doesn’t poop in the toilet, well maybe twice in the last month or so.

Those of you who are parents, and especially parents of boys probably know what I’m talking about, and for those who don’t have kids, I’ll apologize ahead for the unseemly references.

Every time he has to pee, he’ll take my hand or say "DaDa" in an urgent manner which always makes me think there’s not much time. so I go into crisis mode, rush him to the toilet, he takes off his underwear, I put him up there and he goes, no problems, except I’m not fond of the whole crisis mode deal.

with pooping, it’s a whole other story and so god gammed frustrating especially since I know he can communicate the need to eliminate pee so why is such a stretch to express the need to eliminate poop?

After the horrid job of taking poopy underwear off and cleaning up all that mess, (I try really hard not to yell because I know that doesn’t work) but I ask him to show me where poop goes and he brings me to the toilet every time so I don’t get what’s so fucking hard about this?

He’s going to be 4 in August and this is the most frustrating part of parenting this kid.

The little girl has way more annoying element’s to her parentage and I’m sure I’ll write about those in time, like a lot of other stories of woe, defeat, and the occasional happy moments, which I’d probably have more of if a psychiatrist would just prescribe me something without question.


5 thoughts on “I’m going to have to charge you extra for the poop

  1. I pooped in the toilet this morning. Just sayin’


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