it’s way too early

it’s almost 6:30 in the morning but I’ve been awake for the last hour and a half. The wife is supposed to go to the office today so I set the alarm for 5 to wake her up and I think she’s still sleeping.

One thing the teenager told me last night was that he was annoyed that I remind him "so many times" to take out the trash and recycle and if I would just ask once it wouldn’t be a problem. I didn’t feel like explaining myself for the 8 millionth time, that the reason I remind him every so often is that he says "I’ll do it in a minute" and a minute becomes an hour. So here’s an example of how this plays out and you can tell me if I’m being unreasonable if you’d like.

The teenager is upstairs and there’s a pile of recycle on the counter and the trash is pretty full so I ask him to take it out. He says ‘I will in a bit".

Half an hour later he comes downstairs to have dinner and I say "since you’re already downstairs, will you take out the recycle and trash?" Sometimes he won’t even let me finish the sentence which is as equally annoying as my one or two requests to do the one chore he has around this house.

The other reason I remind him when he comes downstairs is that I know he’s usually sore from playing football and working out so why not have him do the chore instead of going back upstairs and then have to come down again later. I’m just trying to help and maybe that’s the problem.

The cleaning lady comes today and he was picking up the family room so she doesn’t have to do work that he can do himself and he asks "do you want me to pick up the Legos?" I said "how about just putting them in a pile so the little girl can pick them up easier?" He gave an exasperated sigh and I just didn’t want to deal with that stupid fucking shit so I said "never mind". No wonder why I walk around here looking as if I am defeated all the time.

well, at least I have my coffee time and a little bit of quiet time before the kids get up.

Oh, and I came up with a name for that song that needed a title. I’m calling it "the color of tears." Here’s the link to the new version, it’s a little shorter than the last one I uploaded. The heavy synth pads didn’t feel right after the choral section so I removed them.

Why do I feel like I posted that before? It’s not supposed to be groundhog day, we’re past that, aren’t we?


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