five minutes/

as I sit here having my first cup of coffee of the day, completely amazed that the girl and I didn’t fight about her going to school this day, my mind began, as it does, to wonder about some of the seemingly insignificant things we as a culture engage in.

for instance, and to a lot of people it’s not insignificant so perhaps that was the wrong word to use, but when I went to wake her up for school, she asked for 5 more minutes?

How does she arrive at such a request just on the edge of consciousness? She’s never heard us make that request but I wonder where that 5 minute need came from? My step-son, the lazy one, when he was 6 11 years ago when I met my wife, would make the same request every morning. My alarm clock that I’ve had since 1985, and no, I’m not kidding about that, has a 5 minute before the actual alarm goes off. I don’t use it because, I don’t just like laying there when I wake up, unless I’m in the fond embrace of a dear friend, oops, that’s a story for another time. But that’s my question for this morning and it took me longer than 5 minutes to ask a question about the origins of the 5 minute question.


2 thoughts on “five minutes/

  1. i could tell you of the origins of five more minutes, but it would take five more minutes. 🙂


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