a wreck already

this is going to be a long sorted post so please bear with me. It may actually be a number of posts but here’s the story and what just happened.

We got the teenager a car as most parents do when they get the license to drive. The wife spent a lot of time on craigslist trying to find a used car but none of those avenues ever lead anywhere useful so she went to a dealership and found him a nice 2008 model that was a bit more than she wanted to spend.

He caused a little body damage with a few minor wrecks, I don’t even remember the details but anyway, last month we had to put $500 into the car to replace a sensor. On Friday, after he pulled the car out of the garage, the wife noticed that it was leaking so she took time off work, took it to the dealership and found out that it was going to cost $3800 to fix everything, and that’s about what we owe on the car and the subsequent value as well.

We talked it over and figured that it wasn’t worth putting that kind of money into the car because, it is an older model and who knows what else will break, which means her taking more time off work to get it fixed, etc.

He really wanted a truck and her argument to me was that, if we buy him a truck which he really wants, then he’s not apt to sell it at the first opportunity which we think would happen if he got a car that he really didn’t want and then we’d have an extra car that we really wouldn’t need that we’d be paying for.

Hopefully this is still making sense at this point.

On Saturday, the teenager and the wife went to the dealership while I stayed home with the kids and got him a truck.

This morning, we found out that he wrecked the truck, it was just clipping someone bumper but still, that qualifies as body damage on a truck that was just purchased and he didn’t tell me or her about it last night after it happened.

We’ve got the old car in the shop and were going to make just enough repairs so that we could use it as a trade in towards the new truck but not put all the money into fixing everything.

Now, the dealership isn’t going to want a truck with body damage back and we’re thinking about calling the other dealership and canceling the repairs on the car.

What would you guys do with this stupid situation?

It’s not just the physical damage but the lying, the irresponsibility, all of it.

Since this is a one driver household, or it was until he got a car, it’s not so easy to just say he doesn’t deserve a car or especially a truck that he wants because the wife is the one who would be driving him everywhere for football and dropping the kids off at school.

By the way, we found about the body damage, which is really around 4 feet of scratches apparently going from the door to the bed when we saw the truck out of the window this morning. God damn teenagers. hell!


7 thoughts on “a wreck already

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    Yikes that’s a predicament, since obviously it helps to have an extra driver. But being so irresponsible and not telling you guys would drive me up the wall. Perhaps come up with some punishments where he works off some of the damage and/or have him get a part-time job to pay for the damage he caused?


    • he’s going to spend every waking moment that he’s home looking for a job but yeah, the irresponsibility is out of control. I’m sure I’ll write another post around the theme of being spoiled and further thoughts on that but for now, I’m going to have some more coffee and figure out if I want to write some more music or maybe listen to the playback of something that needs a title. There’s a lot of that. lol.

      Thank you for your comment and I hope replying to these emails posts to the blog. I should probably check that. lol.

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  2. I read this post and my nose started bleeding. “Buying a teenager a car” sounds like a language from another planet to me.


    • and you know what’s funny? The wife said “I swore I wouldn’t be one of those parents who buys a new car for their teenager and now I feel like a big fat hypocrite.” I didn’t say anything because, truthfully, hypocrisy is hypocrisy no matter how much logic you throw in the mix to justify your decision. If I said that to her, she’d have some nice pat logical answer to counteract that argument as well. I know, I sound bitter don’t I?

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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