the power of choice

The little girl wanted a banana but I told her that they weren’t ready. She whined in normal 5-year-old style "but I want one". I said "how about some frozen bananas?" to which she excitedly said "yes, yes, yes!" Having to have everything equal, because little children are innately socialists and everything has to be the same all the time, I had to give her brother said treat too. Not a problem, until they grow up and continue that childish mindset which results in people like our stupid president, but I won’t go into that here.

After she ate the frozen bananas, she came into the living room and said "Daddy, I want more frozen bananas".

I said "No, you’re not having more bananas." She said "But I want them" in her annoying whine that only a perpetual drama queen can adopt.

I said "How about a cheese stick, some apple sauce, blackberries or grapes?"

She said "How about blueberries?" I said "do you want blueberries?" She said "No."

I told her "I just gave you 5 snack options which is a lot more than a lot of children have.

She stood there and I could hear the toy wheels turning in her weird brain and then she yelled "Grapes, Grapes, Grapes!"

That’s one of the brighter moments of my day so I thought I would share it.


One thought on “the power of choice

  1. SD Gates says:

    Brilliant – it’s all about giving them options (3 not so good ones and the one you want them to pick – tee-hee).


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