Stop the presses! A woman said *peed* GASP!

a great post and she’s right. I feel that not a lot of humor is also a result of people just being too uptight and too repressed about things.

The Qwiet Muse


Dear Esteban, may I call you Esteban? You recently left me a bit of a negative comment – Now usually, I just try my best to ignore all the negativity in Cyberland, but I thought perhaps this time I would respond. You seem special to me, deserving of a response. Especially considering you have the honor of being my first, negative commenter, that is.

It’s okay that you didn’t find the video as funny as I did, or the thousands of other people who seemed to find the hilarity of it. Some people have smaller funny bones than others, I do not fault you for having a small funny bone. It’s not the size that matters after all, as long as it makes you smile sometimes . . . I hope it makes you smile sometimes.

Your humor isn’t what I wanted to address here though, it’s your attitude…

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One thought on “Stop the presses! A woman said *peed* GASP!

  1. qwietpleez says:

    Thank you for sharing my post 🙂 These days people seem to take offence at just about anything, depending on what kind of mood they are in I suppose. They say laughter is the best medicine and I must say, I agree. Well, I am kind of partial to Xanax, but laughter is always good!


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