an introduction and purpose for this blog


I’d thank you for reading but the thanks will have to be retroactive since I don’t yet have any followers here and, because of the delicate nature of this blog, it’s not something that I’ll promote on social media myself.

I was inspired by a couple of different blogs to do this so for those blogs who I follow who have given me the inspiration, I thank and appreciate you. You have given me hope that I too can have a voice in the darkness and hopefully find common ground and likeminded people to share experiences with.

I’m home alone with the two little ones, as I am usually every Saturday while the wife and teenager go out to run errands so this first post is bound to be brief. How about that alliteration? One of my favorite language devices to use when I can and have the clarity of mind to utilize it in a good way.

I am creating this blog because, a lot of times, I have a lot of stuff just jumbling around in my head, and though my music has been a good way to get some of that out, it’s not always an appropriate method to use, especially on days when I’m feelingly particularly frustrated, or hopeless, feelings, though, intellectually I know a lot of people experience, emotionally and in an existential way, it’s still quite isolating at times, if that all makes sense.

And so, this will be my stream of consciousness blog where I talk about parenting and it’s pitfalls, politics, (if I feel inclined) though that could turn people off but, if this is my blog for my need for therapy, should that matter to me?

I may not even know what I’m going to write about until the letters are typed and the words are completed and the sentences are formed, and that’s one of the beauties of a blog that starts out anonymous to a degree yes?

As a blogger who I followed said recently, there’s no filter but I’ll be honest and say that part of me is terrified of that possibility.


One thought on “an introduction and purpose for this blog

  1. qwietpleez says:

    I’ve found blogging to be quite cathartic and empowering is many ways . . . Just write!

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